Prof. Robert A. Taylor's Teaching Page

I have been Associate Head of the MPLS division for the past four years and have therefore not been lecturing on the undergraduate course actively. Below are links to teaching materials for courses I have given in the past.

The notes on this page are saved as .PDF files written with Acrobat.

Relativity lectures - First Year Course given until 2008


Here is a .PDF file of an English language translation of Albert Einstein's 1905 paper which introduced Special Relativity, as published in the 1923 book The Principle of Relativity. This document is is both a monument of twentieth century physics and a masterpiece of scientific communication. The document comes from John Walker's excellent relativity site, see below.

Useful relativity links

John Walker's Fourmilab site
AIP Einstein page
S. Morgan Friedman's Einstein site
Stockholm, Sweden (A biography of Einstein and his Nobel prize presentation speech)
Page with information on special and general relativity, and many good physics links
Wikipedia relativity pages - warning treat with care

How to write an M.Phys. or B.A. project report

This PDF file contains my talk on how to write a B.A. project report, and this PDF file contains my talk on how to write an M.Phys. report. The links therein should work, taking you to various useful websites and files. Example papers referenced therein are nanotube paper, inflation paper, galaxies paper.

Semiconductor Devices Lectures - given until 2010

Below are listed the problem set for this course, a synopsis and  three sets of notes.

Optoelectronics Minor Option Lectures - given until 2004

Condensed Matter Physics Revision Lectures - given until 2005