Moscow-Oxford Quantum Club

For high school students

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Convener  Dr. Alexander Lvovsky
E-mail: Alex.Lvovsky(at)
Telephone: +44 1865 272275


Textbook   A. I. Lvovsky, Quantum Physics: An Introduction Based on Photons
Springer Amazon

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Course materials


Assignment 0 (Complex numbers)

Assignment 1 (Linear spaces, basis, dimension)

Assignment 2 (Hilbert space, photon polarization, measurements, quantum cryptography)

Assignment 3 (Adjoint spaces, operators and matrices)

Assignment 4 (Hermitian operators, spectral theorem, commutators, quantum observables, uncertainty principle)

Assignment 5 (Unitary operators, functions of operators, quantum evolution)

Assignment 6 (Tensor product spaces, entanglement, local measurements)

Assignment 7 (Quantum computation, nonlocality, interpretations of quantum mechanics, teleportation)