First Year Mathematics

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Course information

Lecture notes:

         Dr. Adrianne Slyz, Calculus [CP4, MT weeks 1-5]

         Dr. John Magorrian, Complex numbers + Vectors & matrices [CP3, MT weeks 1 + 2-7]

         Dr. Alexander Schekochihin, Ordinary differential equations [CP3, MT weeks 6-8]

         Dr. Rob Fender, Multiple Integrals and Vector Calculus [CP4, HT weeks 1-2 + 4-7]

         Dr. Christopher Palmer, Wave Motion [CP4, HT weeks 1-6]


         K. F. Riley, M. P. Hobson, S. J. Bence, Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering: A Comprehensive Guide

         M.L. Boas, Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences

         L. Lyons, All You Wanted to Know about Mathematics But Were Afraid to Ask

         G. Stephenson, Mathematical Methods for Science Students

         A.P. French, Vibrations & Waves

         F.S. Crawford, Waves (Berkeley Physics Course)

Tutor: †††††† Dr. Alexander Lvovsky
E-mail: Alex.Lvovsky(at)
Telephone: +44 1865 272275
Office: Beecroft, 1st floor, south side

Michaelmas term

Homework for week 1

         Vacation homework

Homework for week 2

         Complex numbers

         Calculus [A1; A4(b); A5; A7(a,b) Ė donít forget to show all the special points, asymptotes, intercepts, etc.]

Homework for week 3 (first tutorial)

         Calculus [B1 except a)iii), b)ii), f)i), f)iii), g)ii); B2(b); B3; B4; part C in full]

Homework for week 3 (second tutorial)

         Vectors and matrices (Problem set 1) (except 10)

Homework for week 4

         Calculus (part D, problems E5 and E7)

         Vectors and matrices (Problem set 2) (problems 3-6, 9)

Homework for week 5

         Vectors and matrices (Problem set 3) (except 9)

Homework for week 7

         ODEs (Problems 1.1-1.6 except 1.5(b).)

Vacation homework

         Vectors and matrices (Problem set 4)

         ODEs (Problems 2.1-2.13, 2.15, 3.1-3.7)

Hilary term

Homework for week 2

         Calculus Problem set 1

         Waves: Problems 1.1-1.4 from Prof. Palmer's problem set

Homework for week 3

         Calculus Problem set 2

         Additional problem

         Waves: Problems 1.6-1.7 from Prof. Palmer's problem set; Problem 9 from Prof. Jarvisí Problem Set 1.

Homework for week 5

         Calculus Problems 1-6 from Set 3

         Waves: Problems 1, 2, 4, 5 from Prof. Jarvisí Problem Set 2.

Homework for week 6

         Calculus (Problems 7-8 from Set 3, 1-6 from Set 4)

         Problems 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.7 from Prof. Palmer's problem set. In 2.3(d,e), please find the explicit expressions for A_n.

Homework for week 8

         Calculus (Remainder of Problem Set 4)

         Waves: Problems 4, 5, 6 from Prof. Jarvisí Problem Set 3.

         Additional problem