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This lecture course is a continuation of the second year course on Quantum Mechanics, and begins in week 5 of Hilary Term. I will cover perturbation theory in Hilary Term, and Helium in Trinity Term.

Review of QM Concepts (2012 version)

Lecture Notes (2013 version, Complete)
Problem Sets 1 and 2 and 3 (2012 version)
Prof James Binney’s problem set 2
Prof James Binney’s problem set 3

Drake 1988 He Paper
Drake 1996 He Review

The Wavepacket Applet can be found here

The Mathematica notebook with the comparison of the exact and perturbed solution to the particle in a box with a non-flat bottom is here

The Mathematica notebook with the simplest possible Fermi Golden Rule problem is here

References for topological approach to wavefunctions of identical particles:
Leinaas and Myrheim, Nuovo Cimento B 37 (1977) pp1-23
Brown et al, Physics Letters A 251 (1999) pp 229-235

C W P Palmer, University of Oxford.

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