Classical Wavepacket Solution to Schrodinger's Equation

Christopher Palmer and James Paulin
Department of Physics
University of Oxford

Using The Applet

The user can re-set four parameters by left-clicking in the four control panel windows,
deleting the current value and typing in the new value.
After changing any parameter, left-click on Redraw button.

Parameter Default Range
Time t 0.0 -n0 to n0
Mean Quantum no. n0 108 dn+1 to 300
Quantum no. Range dn 10 1 to 25
Phase 90. -180. to 180.

(Apart from the restriction n0 > dn the range restrictions are elastic: the
accuracy may degrade, or in the case of large dn the applet may become very slow.)

The Increment T button increases the time by 1/64 units and redraws.

The Default plot is |Psi(x,t)|2, the probability distribution as a function of x, at the current time t.
Left-click on the Plot button to obtain a menu of other diagnostic plots.

The text panel displays diagnostic data at the current time for Psi and |Psi(x,t)|2 plots
and descriptive text for other plots.

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