Atomic and Laser Physics

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Lecture notes:

         Dr. Paul Ewart, Atomic Physics

         Dr. Simon Hooker, Laser Physics

Tutor Dr. Alexander Lvovsky
E-mail: Alex.Lvovsky(at)
Telephone: +44 1865 272275
Office: Beecroft, 1st floor, south side


         Multi-electron atoms: central field approximation, electron configurations, shell structure, residual electrostatic interaction, spin orbit coupling (fine structure).

         Spectra and energy levels: Term symbols, selection rules, X-ray notation, Auger transitions.

         Hyperfine structure; effects of magnetic fields on fine and hyperfine structure.

         Two level system in a classical light field: Rabi oscillations and Ramsey fringes, decaying states; Einstein

         A and B coefficients; homogeneous and inhomogeneous broadening of spectral lines; rate equations.

         Optical absorption and gain: population inversion in 3- and 4-level systems; optical gain cross section;saturated absorption and gain.

Study plan and homework

Homework for week 2

         Atomic Physics Problems 7-12

Homework for week 4

         Atomic Physics Problems 13-18

Homework for week 5

         Atomic Physics Problems 19-20

         Two additional problems

         Quantum Physics Problems 1-2

Homework for week 6

         Quantum Physics Problems 3-5

         Laser Physics Problems 1-2

Homework for week 8

         Laser Physics Problems 3-7

         Problems 2(c,d,e) and 4(d) from the 2019 exam