About Exoclimes

The Exoclimes conference series is one of the original conferences devoted to exoplanets, and still the only one to focus on their climates and climate evolution. The goal of the series is to bring together exoplanet observers, modelers and theorists with researchers on fundamental atmospheric and planetary interior processes in the Solar System and Earth Science communities, so that the communities can learn from one another. Exoplanets are a source of new problems to be treated by methods developed for the Earth and other Solar System planets, while work in Earth and Solar System disciplines provides a storehouse of fundamental advances which can be generalized to a broader planetary context. The motto of the conference is "Long talks and even longer breaks,"  with the idea that there should be ample opportunities for informal discussion and striking up new collaborations. Exoclimes does not seek to comprehensively cover all developments related to exoplanet climate, but picks a few themes to emphasize for each meeting. Invited keynote talks, which generally have a considerable pedagogical component, are supplemented by a number of contributed talks on related themes.

Exoclimes first met in 2010.  The founding steering committee consisted of Frederic Pont (at Exeter at the time, and who had the initial vision) David Sing (also at Exeter at the time, who arranged key funding), Nick Cowan (then at Northwestern, who insisted on something outdoorsy to do) and Joe Harrington (University of Central Florida, who made sure the meeting actually happened). The current steering committee consists of Ray Pierrehumbert (Oxford), David Sing (Johns Hopkins), Nick Cowan (McGill) and Joe Harrington (UCF).

Exoclimes generally meets in alternate years, and alternates between North American and European venues.  Exoclimes V was delayed by one year so as to get out of phase with the more general Exoplanets conference series.

Previous Exoclimes Meetings

Year Lead Host Institution Venue
Exoclimes I 2010 University of Exeter Exeter, UK
Exoclimes II 2012 Northwestern University Aspen CO, USA
Exoclimes III 2014 University of Bern Davos, CH
Exoclimes IV 2016 McGill University Squamish BC, CA