First Year Quantum Ideas

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Lecture notes:

         Dr. Andrei Constantinís lecture slides

         Prof. Vlatko Vedralís notes


         A. I. Lvovsky, Quantum Physics: an introduction based on photons
Solutions to exercises

Tutor: †††††† Dr. Alexander Lvovsky
E-mail: Alex.Lvovsky(at)
Telephone: +44 1865 272275
Office: Beecroft, 1st floor, south side


Marker:†††† Mert Esencan
E-mail: Mert.Esencan[at]
Office: Simon 163

Trinity term

Homework for week 4


         Solve Q1 from the 2021 S3 paper and Q1 from the 2019 S3 paper, both on the black body radiation.

         Solve Q2 from the 2021 S3 paper on the photoelectric effect

         Solve Q3 from the 2017 S3 paper on the polarisation of light

         Problem 1 from this exam

         Problems 2,4,5 from this set



Homework for week 5


         Solve Q1 from the 2017 S3 paper on Bohrís model

         Solve Q2 from the 2019 S3 paper on Compton scattering

         Solve Q1 from the 2018 S3 paper on de Broglieís hypothesis that all matter exhibits wave-like properties

         End-of-chapter problems 1.5, 1.6, 2.2, 2.4, 2.6 and in-chapter exercise 2.67 from the textbook

         Problems 1-4 from this set