About the Euro Sessions


Welcome to the web site for the Oxford Euro Sessions.  The pandemic hit the folk music scene pretty hard, and while we all did our best to keep things going online and through outdoor sessions (weather permitting), getting in-person sessions at pubs re-started is still a work in progress.  Before lockdown, we had both a French/Breton session and a Scandi Session.  As a way of starting things up again, we decided to combine the two, while people were getting used to the idea of in-person sessions again, and also because of the limited availability of venues.  Here is how things are shaping up: 

There are occasionally some last minute changes of venue or day, so check FolkInOxford for the latest information. For both sessions, the typical instruments that appear are fiddles, nyckelharpa's, hurdigurdies (viole a roue, used a lot in Occitan music), various kinds of squeezebox (concertina, diatonic, piano chromatic, button chromatic), sometimes the smaller French bagpipes, guitar,  session harp, and once or twice a harmonium, but really anything acoustic is welcome. Feel free to drop in any time if you wish to join in on either session, or even just to listen in.

Right now, I only have tunes for the Scandi Session listed below, but eventually I'll be filling in French/Breton  and additional  Euro tunes. This will never be a comprehensive list of everything we play, and new tunes are often spontaneously introduced at the sessions, but if you learn some of the tunes in the Tunebook you will be guaranteed to be able to play along.  If you have suggestions for additional tunes to add in any category, please email me here .    Meanwhile, you'll find a lot of good tunes that will fit into the sessions at the Oxford SlowSession site.  Also, check out some of the tunes on my Youtube Channel.            .

Good places to find lead sheets for folk tunes of all types are abcnotation, FolkWiki (mainly Nordic), Folk Tune Finder, and The Session (mainly celtic, but a mix of nordic stuff in there, too. I am always eager for suggestions for tunes to include in the tunebook. Please send suggestions to me here  . Links to abcnotation files and information about preferred keys are appreciated, but pdfs, jpegs, or even just tune names or links to Youtube performances are all useful.

Scotland Tunebook

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Shetland Tunebook

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French and Balfolk Tunebook

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Nordic Tunebook

Swedish and Norwegian tunes

Finnish tunes

10 o'clock sheet music

When 10 o'clock rolls around at the Scandi Session, Ed hands out sheet music for a new tune, which we learn by sight-reading or just listening to the others until we get the hang of it. A lot of these have nice harmony lines, so please do feel free to give them a go. Some of our 10 o'clock tunes are archived here. At some point, if they become popular enough, they'll be promoted to the main tunebook.