About the Scandi Session

Like all sessions, we are suspended during lockdown, but maybe things will start up again in a few months!  


Welcome to the web site for the Oxford Scandi Session. We get together at the Victoria Arms, Old Marston at 8:30 PM on the third Wednesday of every month, to play music from the Nordic region. (There are occasionally some last minute changes of venue or day, so check FolkInOxford for the latest information.) That includes quite a lot of Finnish music, which is not actually Scandinavian, but is very much part of the same cultural watershed. Feel free to drop in any time if you wish to join in on the session, or even just to listen in. All sorts of instruments are welcome. Right now we have a mix of fiddles, nyckelharpa, accordions (various sorts), flute, harp and occasionally even cello. The best way to get an idea of the kind of music we play is to look over the Tunebook. This isn't a comprehensive list of everything we play, and new tunes are often spontaneously introduced at the sessions, but if you learn some of the tunes in the Tunebook you will be guaranteed to be able to play along. If you have a suggestion for a tune to be added to the tunebook, please send it here. The leader of the session is Ed Pritchard. If you have questions, or would like to be added to the Scandi Session mailing list, please contact him here.L

Right now, this is a fairly bare-bones site set up to have a place to make our tunebook available, but eventually it will be prettied up, with photos, news, recordings and event listings of interest to people with an affinity for things Nordic.

Good placed to find lead sheets for folk tunes of all types are abcnotation, FolkWiki (mainly Nordic), Folk Tune Finder, and The Session (mainly celtic, but a mix of nordic stuff in there, too.


Swedish and Norwegian tunes

Finnish tunes

10 o'clock sheet music

When 10 o'clock rolls around at the Scandi Session, Ed hands out sheet music for a new tune, which we learn by sight-reading or just listening to the others until we get the hang of it. A lot of these have nice harmony lines, so please do feel free to give them a go. Some of our 10 o'clock tunes are archived here. At some point, if they become popular enough, they'll be promoted to the main tunebook.