EXOCONDENSE publications

PhD Theses

Hammond M. 2019: The atmospheric circulation of tidally locked terrestrial exoplanets DPhil Thesis, University of Oxford.

Journal articles and peer-reviewed book chapters


Graham R, Pierrehumbert R. 2020. Thermodynamic and energetic limits on continental silicate weathering strongly impact the climate and habitability of wet, rocky worlds. Astrophysical Journal, In Review ArXiV link

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Some relevant earlier papers

Fortney JJ, Robinson TD, Domagal-Goldman S, Amundsen DS, Brogi M, Claire M, Crisp D, Hebrard E, Imanaka H, de Kok R, et al. 2016. The need for laboratory work to aid in the understanding of exoplanetary atmospheres. arXiv preprint arXiv:1602.06305

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