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Group Members
Dark Matter
    Room number:    Telephone:    E-mail:  
Hans Kraus   623 2-73361 hans.kraus@physics.ox.ac.uk
Postdoctoral Research Assistants:        
Paul Scovell   503a 2-73459 p.scovell@physics.ox.ac.uk
Research Students:        
Junsong Lin   504 2-73460 j.lin@physics.ox.ac.uk
Kathryn Boast   504 2-73460 k.boast@physics.ox.ac.uk
FengTing Liao   504 2-73460 f.liao@physics.ox.ac.uk
Cees Carels   503 2-73458 cees.carels@physics.ox.ac.uk
Theresa Fruth   503 2-73458 theresa.fruth@physics.ox.ac.uk
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