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JAI Graduate lectures in Accelerator Physics

Michaelmas Term 2017

The INDICO page with agenda and lecture materials is here .

Lecture 1: Spectrum of Particle Accelerators

Lecture 2: Live Link to CERN Control Centre

Lecture 3: Transverse Dynamics I

Lecture 4: Transverse Dynamics II

Lecture 8: Lattice Design with MAD-X

CERN Accelerator School

Introductory school, Budapest, 2016 - Agenda

Videos of lectures coming soon...

Particle Motion in EM Fields 1 and 2

FFAG Accelerators

Applications of Accelerators

Specialised School on Medical Accelerators, Vosendorf, Austria, 2015 - Agenda

FFAG Accelerators

Introductory School, Prague, 2014 - Agenda

FFAG Accelerators

Applications of Accelerators

FFAG School

Kyushu, Japan, 2015

Lecture list and slides available here

Daresbury, UK, 2011

ZGOUBI tips and tricks Download

How to Design an FFAG in 45 Minutes Download