Selected Publications

(2018). Nanocarbon and nanodiamond for high performance phenolics sensing. In Communications Chemistry.

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(2016). Ordering Gold Nanoparticles with DNA Origami Nanoflowers. In ACS Nano.

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(2012). Quantum degenerate Bose-Fermi mixture of chemically different atomic species with widely tunable interactions. In Phys. Rev. A, Rapid.

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(2011). Strongly interacting isotopic Bose-Fermi mixture immersed in a Fermi sea. In Phys. Rev. A, Rapid.

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2D DNA self-assembled surfaces

DNA self-assembled surfaces as templates for liquid crystal modulators

Bose-Fermi Mixture Immersed in a Fermi Sea

Triply quantum degenerate mixture of bosonic $^{41}$K and two fermionic species, $^{40}$K and $^{6}$Li.

Bose-Fermi mixture of $Na$-$K$

Quantum degenerate Bose-Fermi mixture of $^{23}Na$ and $^{40}K$ with widely tunable interactions.

Bottom-up synthesis of catalytic nanomotors

Self-propulsion of 15 nm Pt-Au metallic nanomotors synthesised by wet chemical methods

DNA Nanoflowers

DNA Origami-guided gold nanoparticle lattices with flexible control of valency and bond angles

DNA autocatalytic chemical waves

DNA autocatalytic chemical waves in inhomogenous media

Enzymatic nanomotors carrying a DNA cargo

Bioconjugation of enzymatic nanomotors to biocompatible cargoes

Nanocarbon and nanodiamond for high performance phenolics sensing

High performance phenolic compound sensors based on nanocarbon materials

Nanoimpact voltammetry of enzymatic nanomotors

Catalase nanomotor activity detected on Boron-doped-diamond (BDD) ultramicroelectrode


Physics degree courses

Academic year 2017-2018:

I teach the following courses at several Oxford Colleges.

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Submit your homework in the “S” mailbox at the Clarendon Laboratory.

Past teaching:

  • Thermal Physics and Statistical Mechanics (Hertford College) MT 2016, HT 2017 and TT 2017
  • Fluids, Flows and Complexity (Wadham College) TT 2017
  • Biophysics (Wadham College, Worcester College, Lady Margaret Hall) 2015, 2016, 2017
  • Physics Teaching Laboratories (Department of Physics) 2013, 2014, 2015

  • Lecturer at the Life Science Doctoral Training Centre (2014)
    Introduction to Physics for Life Science Graduate Students:
    Classical Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Statistical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics

  • Oxbridge Academic Programs (Physics Faculty, 2015)

  • Teaching assistant at the MIT Physics Department
    Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics II (8.422) Spring 2011
    Classical Mechanics (8.012) Fall 2009

Teaching certifications