Planetary Geology and Geochemistry

This topic includes a wide range of work being carried out primarily the Earth Science department, with collaborators across the Network, aimed at understanding the properties of planetary materials, the  factors governing the composition of the Earth and other rocky planets, the exchange of volatiles between planetary interiors and atmospheres, the deep-time history of atmospheres, and magmatic processes that carry heat and volatiles from the interior of a planet to its surface.  Only a few of the many group leaders involved in this effort are listed here.

J. Wade

Jon Wade

NERC Senior Research Fellow
Earth Sciences

Chemistry of planet formation

T. Mather

Tamsin Mather

Professor of Earth Sciences
Earth Sciences

Volcanology, Earth and Elsewhere


Don Porcelli

Lobanov-Rostovsky Professor of Planetary Geology
Earth Sciences

Planetary Evolution and Materials

R. Katz

Richard Katz

Earth Sciences

Dynamics of the Fluid Earth and Planets


Hauke Marquardt

Associate Professor of Solid Earth Geosciences
Earth Sciences

Planetary interior material properties