Rocky Worlds, Cambridge

Rocky Planets in the Age of JWST

Cloud Academy, Les Houches

Seminars and local events

  • 3 Dec. 2019: Oxford Network for Planets Annual Workshop

Recurring activities

  • Monday exoplanet coffee, and discussion of the week's Astro-ph. 10 AM, BIPAC seminar room DWB. Vox Charta link here
  • Planetary Climate Dynamcs Research Group Meeting, Simpkins Lee, Thursdays at 10 AM
  • Aigrain exoplanet observation group meeting
  • Irwin, radiative transfer and retrieval group meeting
  • Read, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics group meeting
  • Exoplanet Lunch, Fridays. Meet at 12:15 in front of DWB

Major Research Areas


Transit Method

Planet Detection and Characterization



Disks and Dynamics



Astronomical Instrumentation

For telescopes and Solar System missions


Solar System Exploration

Misson planning and data analysis

Trappist 1d

Atmospheric Modeling

Earth, Solar System planets and exoplanets

Planetary Geology

Planetary Geology and geochemistry



Early Earth

Climate modeling, Deep-time climate proxies and biogeochemical evolution

Featured Research


Water on WASP-12b

Climate dynamics of tide-locked terrestrial exoplanets

Pierrehumbert and Hammond provide a synthesis of what we understand about the general circulation of tide-locked terrestrial exoplanets. Article link here. .

Direct Imaging

Atmospheric Characterization of Directly Imaged Exoplanets with JWST/MIRI