Seminars and local events

  • 29 Nov. 2018, 11:30AM: Paul Rimmer on Origins of Life chemistry. AOPP seminar, Dobson Room
  • Wed. 5 December, 2018: Oxford Network for Planets Annual Workshop (all day). Programme to be posted shortly
  • .Thursday, 6 December, 2018, 5PM: Astor Lecture. Dimitar Sasselov on Stellar UV Light and the Origins of Life. Reception to follow. Sign up here .

Major Research Areas


Transit Method

Planet Detection and Characterization



Disks and Dynamics



Astronomical Instrumentation

For telescopes and Solar System missions


Solar System Exploration

Misson planning and data analysis

Trappist 1d

Atmospheric Modeling

Earth, Solar System planets and exoplanets

Planetary Geology

Planetary Geology and geochemistry



Early Earth

Climate modeling, Deep-time climate proxies and biogeochemical evolution

Featured Research


Water on WASP-12b

Water destroyed and reborn on WASP-121b

Work by Vivien Parmentier, joining the AOPP faculty this September, elucidates the life-cycle of water on the ultra-hot Jupiter WASP-121b. Read the NASA press release here .


Ammonia on Jupiter, Hydrogen Sulfide on Uranus

Pat Irwin's group, which is active in characterization of Solar System planetary atmospheres as well as exoplanet atmospheres. has characterized the distribution of ammonia in the atmosphere of Jupiter (see their paper here) and hydrogen sulfide in the atmosphere of Uranus (paper here, some news coverage here and here).